Saving and Enhancing Your Memories via Video


The process of creating a Tribute video that is satisfying, complete, cathartic and emotionally uplifting is a complex one, but we have broken it into steps that are easy for you, the client, and we, the producer, to follow. The process can, and should, take at least three months. There are many materials for you to gather, for us to learn about, to input into the computer, and to assemble into a correct and complete timeline. The materials can be complicated: scanning photos is easy, but slide and film take more work. "Real" objects like awards, yearbooks, mementos, favorite toys or other items require studio set-up and lighting. Once all the material is gathered, the editing process begins. Depending on the budget and time available, graphics may be involved. If there are interviews to be done, or congratulatory statements, you will need to add more time.

We offer worksheets to follow, and we have done this hundreds of times, so we are in a position to make the process easy, with your help. We will also provide a production timeline so you know what is needed when, and when reviews will take place.
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The most important task is to gather all the materials that will make up the video. It is important that we have all or most of the materials before we begin production. Dribbling in items, last minute photos, and other late requests provides a potential re-edit to make sense out of what is to be included, i.e., to fit it in a logical place in the timeline. Since we edit to music, and this is an important stylistic trait of our work, unnecessary re-edits can be disruptive and force delivery close to deadline. And this is a deadline that can't be changed (the wedding day, retirement dinner, etc.)
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Scanning is often considered the "gruntwork" of the process. This is the process by which photos, slide, films and videos are brought into the computer. It easily takes as much time as the production part, and yet, the time consumption is important because the size, quality, and format of the scan are important if we are to do "moves" on the photos-- sometimes called the "Ken Burns effect" (However, we did it first).

If the customer does some or all of the scanning, there can be a significant cost savings. However, if you are not technically adept, please don't offer to do it. The money you save will be lost if we have to redo the work, and if we are close to deadline, we might have to work with the less than perfect scans, leading to a less technically perfect show. And remember, these tributes are meant to last a lifetime.


Once we have all the materials, we work towards a "rough-cut", or "off-line" edit of your video. We want you to have input, which is why we rough out the project (it's a fairly tight edit however, and includes all the materials and music).

You have work to do to get ready for the event, and we have work to do. We'll see you in a couple of weeks.


Once the rough cut is finished, we show it to you in your office or home. We watch it through the first tine, and get general reactions. Then we watch with you again to see if there are timeline errors or photos that should not have been used, or photos that should have been included that weren't (we almost always have more photos than we can use.)


If there are changes to be made, we make them right away. We then deliver the final product-- the on-line, as it is called. This is the video ready for showing, wither on DVD, tape, or digital file. You should allow about a week for this process.

The Show

How the video is presented is important. We will help you specify the right kind of sound and projection for your size group. For a fee, we can be on-site to play the presentation and quarantee the show is seen and heard under the best possible conditions. Ambient light, bad acoustics, or underpowered equipment can render your investment useless-- people can't appreciate what they can't see, and audiences get edgy when they can't make out the music or words. We all come to far at this point for this to happen.


Following the event, we can provide you with copies of the production in DVD, tape, or digital file. For large sets of copies, we can print high qusality labels right on the disc, and place that disc in a variety of sleeves or covers, from the simple, to formal keepsake album type plush covers. We can provide quotes for all of this.

We work toward providing you with a quality, television level product that you will want to share with everyone. We can also help you get it on the web so all of your friends, coworkers, and relatives can see it, no matter where they are located.

We look forward to being your partner in success.